Quitting smoking and acupuncture

It has been seen countlessly that acupuncture is an effective tool for smokers to get rid of their habit. However, it is necessary to be aware that it makes no sense for a smoker to come for acupuncture if s/he herself/himself does not want to quit smoking (e.g. if s/he was only refered to acupuncture by the partner, or forced by circumstances in one´s employment but otherwise being completely satisfied about one´s smoking).
One of the effects of acupuncture is to ease the withdrawal symptoms thus helping to keep off smoking permanently.

It is highly recommendable to come for the first acupuncture session with mild symptoms of cigarette withdrawal. That means the smoker needs should not smoke before the first acupuncture session for sufficiently long time so that to feel beginning of withdrawal symptoms. Therefore a heavy smoker who smokes every hour of a day needs to stop smoking several hours prior to the first acupuncture session. A smoker who smokes only occasionally needs to stop smoking in advance before the first acupuncture session si that to feel the taste for a cigarette upon the day of the first acupuncture session. It is highly dicourageable to have one´s "last cigarette" just prior to the first acupuncture session since this may decrease the effect of acupuncture.

After having completed the series of acupuncture sessions (usually 4-5 sessions) it might be necessary (in some smokers only) to repeat 1-2 acupuncture sessions after several weeks, and sometimes also after several months.