Reactions to acupuncture

Likewise usual Western medicine in which reactions of different people to the same medicament are not uniform, reaction of different people to the acupuncture treatment is not uniform as well. Range of possible types of reaction is very wide. Based on long-term observations it is usually stated that approximately 10% of population reacts only in limited extent to acupuncture treatment. Vast majority of people exhibit good effect of acupuncture treatment.

Short-term reactions following an acupuncture session include e.g. the fatigue of variable intensity that usually lasts several hours. Therefore, it is necessary not to plan for any activities requiring higher attention level for the period of at least several hours after the acupuncture session. This type of reaction is not excessively frequent.

In another type of reaction to acupuncture one can observe transient deterioration of the difficulties against which the acupuncture treatment was aimed to (sometimes also seemingly unrelated transient difficulties may appear). This type of reaction usually develops several hours after an acupuncture session or the next day. This deterioration usually is only of a short duration (usually several hours, up to several dozens of hours), and subsequently the difficulties subside beneath the original intensity. After the second and subsequent acupuncture sessions this reaction is usually much milder (or disappears at all). People who exhibit such a type of reaction usually also exhibit a very good responsivity to acupuncture treatment, and acupuncture is very effective in them. Unfortunately, people with this type of post-acupuncture reaction sometimes reject acupuncture because of the transient deterioration of their difficulties, and do not come for the next acupuncture session.
Vast majority of people does not exhibit this type of reaction, and the favourable effect of acupuncture develops gradually.